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Brewed coffee Meaning


1Make (beer) by soaking, boiling, and fermentation:

‘within five years the business will make the maximum amount of beer in Asia such as Australian Continent’

‘the brewing business’

‘Bock beer had been traditionally made in fall.’ ‘He had been brewing beer for the past thirty-five many years.’ ‘The beer is made with ‘only the finest sun-ripened hops, grains and barley.’’ ‘when you yourself have countless obligations, there is a constant get rather the time as a creative individual, like brewing the beer.’ ‘They brew cask beers using only traditional practices and use primarily in your area grown up hops wherever possible.’ ‘We brew great beer, but you want to lead with our restaurant.’ ‘Nigerians into the coastal areas drink palm wine and in your area brewed alcohol.’ ‘About 2 hundred litres of beer tend to be brewed in one go.’ ‘They brew Belgian-style beers plus import brews from Belgium.’ ‘They should try to learn in which each alcohol is brewed, and be able to describe the tastes of each one in one sentence.’ ‘Even though I have no clue in which Belgium is, they brew a fine beer.’ ‘The alcohol is made with two-row pale and niche malts, rolled oats, roasted barley, grain and four types of hops.’ ‘Or was water carried toward top as well as the beer ceremonially made up there?’ ‘Many very early communities made beer with a very low liquor content.’ ‘A brewer had the idea of brewing an alcohol that united the flavors of all three.’ ‘in the event you didn't know, the beer is naturally brewed.’ ‘However, brewing alcohol is a low-margin business and United States product sales have actually let down this year.’ ‘Many householders through the gentry downwards, & most stores, brewed their very own alcohol.’ ‘The brewery wants to be seen given that good dudes, brewing on a clean alcohol.’ ‘It brews five beers from the premises, including a trademark stout.’ ‘Rwandan alcohol is made from sorghum and plantains.’ ‘Wood provided fuel for domestic heat and cooking, and commercial processes eg brewing beer or smelting metal.’

2Make (tea or coffee) by blending it with heated water:

‘i have only brewed some coffee’

‘the woman final attempts to make chamomile beverage only lead to failure and harsh embarrassment.’ ‘then explained which he had forgotten to get rid of the coffee grounds through the manufacturer before we brewed my beverage.’ ‘He also brewed a jasmine beverage which he had present in one of many cabinets.’ ‘The smell of fresh brewing coffee fills my nostrils.’ ‘Once the tapioca balls are prepared, purple tea is made.’ ‘Then she included liquid and began brewing the coffee.’ ‘He beamed in the guests and stated, ‘Sylvia and my partner have been in the kitchen brewing some beverage.’’ ‘All green and black colored tea is brewed through the leaves of 1 bush, the camellia sinensis.’ ‘They labeled as it a ‘coffee store’ but most people knew that they were not brewing coffee.’ ‘She's a self-confessed coffee snob and brews up her beans in a tiny percolator.’ ‘Wake up… another person's brewing coffee in the next room…’ ‘Parched corn coffee had been brewed by combining roasted corn with boiling water.’ ‘She brews tea, strong and perfumed, to cover the smell of her supplying towards the God.’ ‘Some male professionals make a spot of brewing their own coffee to symbolize their particular professed non-sexist orientation.’ ‘Any appropriate tea merchant knows that a Yixing pot should simply be accustomed make green tea leaf.’ ‘Lindsey had been behind the counter, brewing up some coffee for her friends.’ ‘we spent the first break-in any office kitchen area, brewing up a cooking pot of quick-drip coffee.’ ‘Frowning, Jackson switched and wandered in to the kitchen area, toasting some breads, and brewing some coffee.’ ‘You do not have to go as far as cooking loaves of bread or brewing coffee to generate a unique aroma.’ ‘Tamora today used her feverish hands to brewing the beverage.’
    2.1brew upBritish casual Make beverage:

    ‘he insisted on sitting us down after which went along to make up’

    ‘He brewed up some beverage and started a fire while Jocelyn dried the woman face and cleaned by herself up slightly.’ ‘So if you're shopping for a metabolic boost, make up some green tea leaf.’ ‘The dark-haired woman smiled and began brewing up some cool beverage.’ ‘So go ahead and brew up a pot of Darjeeling or Earl gray for the easy enjoyment of it, and savor the moment.’ ‘She had brewed up some sassafras beverage and provided him a cup to take in as you're watching fire.’

3[no item] (of an unwelcome occasion or situation) commence to develop:

‘there ended up being even more trouble brewing due to the fact miners continued hit’

‘a violent storm was brewing’

‘A comparable debate is brewing on the other side for the Atlantic.’ ‘With the Asian overall economy brewing, Martin also kept his attention on Korea.’

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