How to use coffee filters

How to use coffee filters?

Phin filter brewing iced coffee in a pitcherClick a graphic to enlarge:

The gravity place filter system utilized in Trung Nguyen coffeeshops in Vietnam for Cà phê sua dá (or Cafe sua da). The flavor obtained from all of these tiny and inexpensive brewers is incomparable. No report filters required, no big device setup or cleansing had a need to make an easy cup of tasty coffee.

The newest metal version features a heavier place and brews beautifully. Note: the screw-down design of filter is Chinese-style, however people choose it because of its finer control. These filters are solidly built and brew a rather nice sit down elsewhere.authentic vietnamese coffee brewer similar to they normally use in cafes The stainless-steel building lasts for many years and remains clean.

Please keep in mind that the original-measured filters brew a single cup of coffee in traditional volume, about 6 ounces of intense brew, generally expected to be sipped. Those are not mug-volume or large quantity brewers. To brew more coffee, use more than one filter or try our large-sized filters. Also see our French Coffee Press or Tea/Coffee Pot brewers.

authentic vietnamese coffee brewer similar to they use in cafes The 15oz filter is big enough to fill a TALL travel cup with INTENSE coffee. That may enable you to get through your morning commute! You need to use it to brew a whole pitcher of iced coffee, also. Just stick it in addition to a carafe (preferably insulated) filled with ice and allow brewing coffee drip in to the ice. Have a look at photographs for an over-all concept of suitable measurements of carafe and number of ice-it's more a skill than a science.

15oz Phin brewing a pitcher of iced coffee


6oz Phin: Spanner is 3-1/2" large, chamber interior is 2-5/16" large, chamber height is 2-1/4"

8oz Phin: Spanner is 3-7/8" broad, chamber inside is 2-5/8" wide, chamber level is 2-1/4"

11oz Phin: Spanner is 4-1/4" wide, chamber inside is 3-1/8", chamber level is 3"

15oz Phin: Spanner is 4.6" broad, chamber is 3.25" large and 3.5" wide. Needs a mug with minimal interior width of 3.25".

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