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How to use Vietnamese coffee filter?

Vietnamese coffee makerVietnamese coffee can be served hot, but for this tutorial we are going to make an iced coffee this is certainly both powerful and sweet.

Though it is old-fashioned to use dark roasted coffee for this beverage, I realized it is perfectly good to utilize a medium roast. However, light roasted coffees is averted while they are usually overpowered because of the sweetness of the condensed milk.

What You’ll Need

  • Vietnamese Coffee Filter
  • Ground coffee
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Spoon
  • Glass or mug
  • Ice
  • (optional) fish sauce and a toothpick

no. 1 Combine Condensed Dairy to Glass

You don’t need a great deal, as condensed milk is extremely nice. Begin with sufficient to cover the base, possibly 1/3 of an inch (~1 cm). You can include much more later on. Don’t add the ice yet. That is the last action.

condensed milk and brewer#2 take away the Top Screen of Filter

The coffee goes beneath the top display screen, therefore remove it before incorporating coffee.

no. 3 Combine Ground Coffee to Filter

Add one curved tablespoon of floor coffee. There are numerous opinions on best routine degree. From french hit coarse to espresso good. Just how tight the filter is screwed in will even play a role. Moderate routine is a great place to start.

combine Ground CoffeeSome variants with this meal use chicory. This might be recommended. You could use a coffee such as for instance Cafe du Monde, with chicory inside it or you might include it your self. If you combine in chicory your self, you don’t require a lot more than 1/2 a teaspoon.

#4 Cover with Top Filter

Screw the very best filter until it's snug. If you made a decision to make use of a coarse grind, you may need to get slightly tighter. More about that below.

# 5 Set Brewer Over Glass with Stand

The benefit of brewing into a cup in the place of a cup is you can view the brewing take place.

number 6 Add Warm Water

Remove Top Filter LidFill the Vietnamese Coffee Filter with warm water. It's my job to take water to boil and then let it cool off for around 30 seconds before pouring.

Water should take between 4 and five minutes to feed the filter. If it goes too quickly, you'll often tighten up the most notable filter or use a less coarse routine. If it goes too sluggish, either the routine is just too fine or perhaps the filter is screwed in also tight.

There's also a cover you can place on top of the filter. We don’t utilize it. I like observe the development of the brew so I know if I need to make corrections inside grind or adjust the rigidity for the top filter.

no. 7 Wait for Brew to perform

The simplest component. Simply wait for the liquid to pass through the filter. When it comes to very first fews brews, make use of a timer. The coffee will drip through the filter. Strive for between 4 and five full minutes. Look at guidance in Step #6 if you should be outside that range.

Notice how the coffee layers along with the condensed milk.

#8 blend the coffee-and Condensed Milk

Stir the condensed milk to the brewed coffee. Some recipes require adding extra sugar. I found the beverage nice enough, but let your palate be your judge.

#9 (optional) Add Fish Sauce

Some places in Vietnam will drench the termination of a toothpick with seafood sauce and stir it into the coffee. I really believe the reason behind doing this is the fact that handful of salt or salty flavor happens to be known to reduce bitterness. Darker roasted coffee, particularly French Roast, is often much more sour. So by adding simply a tiny number of fish sauce which is salty, the heavily roasted coffee can taste smoother. If the coffee you might be utilizing isn't dark roast, I would miss this step.

Setup brewer on cup Finished Brewing Mix Coffee Iced Vietnamese Coffee

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