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How to use coffee pods without machine?

steps to make a Freakin’ Great cup Joe without having any Coffee Swag

Steps to make a Freakin’ Great cup Joe Without Any Coffee Swag

As an enthusiastic coffee drinker, I had previously been a huge fan of single-serve coffee devices. One day, the machine decided to end working—which does happen from time for you time—so I made a decision to go old school and employ my automatic drip. Then, I knew that all I experienced were pods of single-serve coffee grinds, and I ended up being all out of regular coffee filters!

This effortless approach to an ideal cup of coffee is effective, both home or when taking a trip. Utilising the concepts for the steeped coffee method popularized aided by the development of the French press, it makes a richer and much more full-bodied brew because coffee grinds remain in connection with the heated water longer—especially compared to automatic drip and single serve machines.

How to Make a Freakin’ Great cup Joe without the Coffee SwagNote: rather than making use of this French hit strategy, you can easily just like effortlessly put your coffee grinds into a paper towel, then steep the paper towel in heated water if you wish. The flavor will not be as strong or as wealthy, but it will save you tips if you are in a hurry.

1: Insert Coffee Grinds

Place coffee grinds into the first cup. The typical ratio for good walk is 2 Tbsp. of routine to every 6 oz. of water, you could adjust for power in accordance with your individual choice.

Typically, a French press requires a coarser grind of coffee to ensure finer grounds do not seep through the press filter. But this paper towel technique can correctly filter finer grinds—including coffee for an automatic spill. So, even if you're making use of store-bought grinds or need open a pod from one a single-serve machine, you need to be good to go.

making a Freakin’ Great Cup of Joe without the Coffee SwagStep 2: include boiling-water

Make sure to deliver water to a rolling boil before getting rid of it from temperature and pouring it to your glass. You desire the water to-be hot enough to create steam, that'll facilitate brewing your coffee. Pour the water into the cup which contains the coffee reasons, then stir to permit the grounds to mingle utilizing the hot water.

Pro Tip: whenever hot-water is included, fresh coffee reasons foam at surface, whereas stale coffee reasons produce no foam and can continue to be flat. (you can even examine your coffee beans and reasons using this effortless technique.)

Step 3: Protect & Wait

How to Make a Freakin’ Great cup Joe without having any Coffee SwagImmediately cover the cup entirely for 3-4 mins; i love to make use of two mugs of this identical dimensions. Whenever you put one mug over the various other, the rims fall into line completely to trap the steam. Also, the extra space from overturned cup produces a dome much like a French hit. Like that, the brewing takes place at the same time with both the heat associated with liquid and the even-hotter vapor.

Step 4: make use of a Paper Towel as a Filter

Remove the bare top glass from the bottom cup. Then, place a paper towel over the top regarding the bare cup and press it straight down within the center (about 1/3 associated with way) therefore it acts as a filter. Pour the made coffee on the paper towel.

Action 5: Remove Coffee Grinds

Since the report bath towel collects the coffee grinds, you are going to need to pull it to the top to create space for your coffee. Fundamentally, might put the final drops of coffee through report bath towel and can have to pull the paper towel from the glass totally, as seen below.

At this stage, you can discard your paper towel; and that is most of the clean-up you have to concern yourself with! Simply sip, include sugar and cream to your inclination, and enjoy.

Next time you travel, you are able to leave behind the crappy coffeemaker within accommodation. Only pack your favorite coffee grinds, because all you need for a fresh cup of coffee now's two styrofoam glasses and a paper towel (or an actually coffee filter, should you believe therefore inclined).

Tell us within the commentary if you have tried this at home if you will be using this show on the highway and utilizing it next time you travel.

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