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Coffee Maker uses K-Cups

With regards to Keurig single-serve machines, you’ll find many options available you may possibly really get puzzled as to which is the correct machine available.

A concern that constantly pops up whenever Keurig is pointed out is, what is the distinction between a Keurig Vue brewer and a Keurig K-Cup brewer. As these two are top vendors, we’ve decided to answer this concern this today’s post.

Differences and Similarities Between the Keurig K-Cup and Keurig Vue Brewers:

Note: as Keurig Vue is stopped, each of its functions can be found in the Keurig 2.0 brewers and much more! it is possible to view here to learn more about them.

There’s really very a big change involving the two devices, so let’s start with exactly how they’re comparable:

  • Both tend to be single-serve coffee manufacturers.
  • Both use coffee pods or capsules to brew one serve of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverages.
  • Both can be reprogrammed to modify your drink towards preference.

And that’s virtually where similarity prevents. Details of both machines’ features make quite a positive change involving the two…

Form of Coffee Pods:

Vue packs vs K Cups
  • Keurig K-Cups brewer utilizes K-Cups, the first pods Keurig made. A Vue brewer uses a totally different pod called a Vue pod. It’s an updated design associated with K-Cups.
  • K-Cups and Vue pods can be found from just about all same brands; Tully’s, Folgers, Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s, Green Mountain and many more. Therefore you’ll have actually all kinds available whether you select K-cups or Vue.

Control Buttons:

  • Keurig Vue has an easy to use programmable shade touchscreen.
  • Many Keurig K-Cup brewers have your typical LCD screen to program the device.


  • Keurig Vue provides as much as 8 size choices and energy and temperature settings.
  • Most Keurig K-Cup brewers offer only as much as 5 glass size options. No temperature control.
  • Most of other features tend to be similar inside two machines, that features: energy conservation mode, brewing time (under 1 minute), detachable liquid container, hot-water dispenser and wash period.

Greatest Cup Size:

  • The Vue can accommodate glass size around 18 oz (vacation mug).
  • K-Cup brewers can accommodate cups as much as 12 oz.

Why You Should purchase a Vue Brewer in place of a K-Cup Brewer:

  • If you prefer your coffee really hot, Vue brewer prides it self as a machine that makes really hot coffee. And you have full control of temperature, so it’s all around just how you are experience at that time.
  • Unlike K-Cups, Vue pods tend to be recyclable. Therefore there’s no shame of adding to landfill after you’ve enjoyed your cup of coffee. It is possible to find out locations to recycle your Vue packages right here:
  • Better control panel: the colour touch screen makes programming the machine a complete snap.
  • Much more cup sizes: select up to 8 sizes. Require your coffee to go? Your Vue will accommodate your vacation mug without any difficulty. Set your coffee to brew additional hot and you’ll enjoy your to-go coffee for a longer time.

Although we do love various other Keurig machines, we know that what you would like at the end of the day is the greatest of the finest. The Vue could be the newest brewing technology from Keurig. It gives you better customization, simpler method to use the device and hotter, more delicious coffee.

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