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How to use Chemex coffee Maker?

| What is the difference between the circle and square filter?
A | The only difference is the shape, the paper is the same. Some people find that the squares are easier to remove due to the points that rise above the carafe when the filter is placed in it.

Q | What is the “natural” filter paper?
A | Cleansed through a four stage process using extremely hot water, the paper is 100% cellular fiber made of primarily softwood such as pine.

Q | What are your cup measurements?
A | We use five ounces to measure our cups.

Q | Can I use drip grind?
A | Yes, but it will increase the amount of time it takes to make a pot of coffee. Best results will be obtained from regular grind.

Q | Can I use fine grind?
A | No, it will not work well with our filter. Chemex filters are heavy to filter out unwanted fats and oils. Fine grind coffee will slow the filtration process.

Q | How can I avoid bitter coffee?
A | If the water that comes into contact with the coffee grounds is too hot, you will extract bitter elements from the coffee. The water should not be boiling when poured on the coffee grounds. Coffee oils, fats and sediment are the natural parts of the coffee bean that causes bitterness by forming as the brew ages. The longer the coffee sits the stronger it tastes. (Actually it is bitterer, not stronger.)

Q | Can I reheat coffee brewed with a Chemex?
A | Chemex may be reheated without being bitter. Make sure that brewed coffee is stored in a sealed glass container. Exposure to air causes loss of taste.

Q | Can I heat a Chemex coffeemaker on the stove?
A | The Chemex can be placed directly on a glass top stove or over a low gas flame to be kept warm. If you have an electric stove with exposed coils, you may purchase the wire grid (TKG) which can be placed between the coils and the Chemex to protect the coffeemaker. The coils should be set to a low temperature.

Q | What advantages do Chemex filters offer?
A | Chemex filters are 20-30% heavier (more absorbent) to remove undesirable sediment particles and oils. Chemex filters were scientifically formulated to permit proper infusion time while filtering out sediment, oil, and fats. Infusion gives coffee a richer flavor and makes possible the fractional extraction of only the desirable parts of the coffee bean.

| What temperature should the water be when brewing?
A | The Chemex system was developed to provide the fractional extraction of only the desirable part of the coffee grounds.The coffee is brewed at and held at a temperature of between 180-200°F to avoid chemically altering the taste and making the coffee bitter.

| My Chemex coffeemaker takes too long to make the coffee.
A | There are a few unique factors to keep in mind when brewing coffee with a Chemex:

  1. Make sure the three thickness of the filter are across the vent (if filter collapses into the vent it will slow or stop the coffee flow).
  2. Use regular, medium, coarse grind coffee - finer grinds will slow filtration rate.
  3. After soaking the grounds and allowing bloom time, pour water up to about ¼ inch from the top of glass. It does take 6 to 7 minutes to make a ten cup pot of Chemex Coffee, but there is just no such thing as an instant gourmet dinner - and no such thing as a good fast cup of coffee. We think better coffee is more important than fast coffee. Besides, from a coffee chemistry standpoint, proper brewing requires an infusion period - only Chemex properly provides this.
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