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How to use West Bend coffee Maker?

I have appeared and looked for a coffee machine that makes more than 10-12 glasses, in a regular-sized coffee machine. Forget it-it cannot occur!
In addition do not like that "rubber hose" taste inside 12-cup versions! Everybody i am aware, uses coffee mugs, perhaps not small coffee glasses, generally there is barely adequate coffee even for a couple!
This West Bend 30-cup coffee machine may be the best way to provide coffee to a tiny, or huge group of people.
Why don't we deal with it, one glass really equals about 1/2 a cup of coffee. In
my home we've a 12-cup coffee maker for our daily usage.
Forget it, if you should be serving three or higher individuals, or, you're making iced-coffee for your time's consumption-itis only not large enough.
This western Bend 30-cup Coffee Maker is really stunning to check out, very easy to utilize, and saves so much time, while you do not have to keep making a new pot of coffee every couple of minutes much like the smaller coffee producers.
I became just therefore tired of making a cooking pot of coffee over, and over-all time very long! With this particular 30-cup coffeemaker, you never need to make all 30 glasses! You possibly can make 15 cups if you'd like! Every time we've some people over, i take advantage of it, and I also get one less stress no stress-thinking I have to make yet another pot of coffee-because western Bend constantly saves your day in my situation!

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