French Press Coffee Maker

Best coffee to use in French Press

I recently purchased a French coffee press from Bodum (the 8-cup one).

Any tips on how to result in the perfect cup of coffee? Exactly what beans would be the best?

- Jen

Well, this is certainly a huge question. As soon as the perfect sit down elsewhere is concerned there are numerous, many views. We are certain that our readers will weigh-in about this one...

For people, we like our coffee black and strong, so a French press is perfect. A French press brings water into extensive contact with the floor coffee, plus after the grounds tend to be pressed down a superb deposit of coffee remains. This provides a somewhat thicker style and feel to coffee brewed that way which some love but other people find distasteful compared to the slimmer fluid of spill coffee.

Obviously, we're able to speak about beans the entire day. A beans tend to be fresh and ideally natural, shade-grown and fair-trade. If at all possible they must be roasted fairly recently and ground directly before you make use of them. Yes, you could get a decent walk from surface coffee or beans off the food shelf and we will just take more or less any coffee in a-pinch. But the best thing doing is find a roaster in your neighborhood and get right from their website. Speak with all of them regarding how they roast the coffee and the blends and preferences they choose - decide to try a few types, from dark roasted to light, and differing coffees, from solitary origin to mixed combinations. If you are really enterprising you can look at roasting beans yourself - begin to see the great resources at nice Maria's.

We purchase fresh-roasted beans about once per month and store all of them in a very good dark case.

It really is hard to give exact directions permanently French hit coffee; quantity and brewing time depends upon the mixture of beans as well as your preferences. We make use of about a tablespoon of beans per cup water. Grind beans for French press coffee somewhat rougher; the grind shouldn't be as good or the coffee will be bitter. Pour boiling-water on the surface coffee-and allow stay for around 5-7 minutes, then press and drink instantly. If this is also powerful or bitter, adjust.

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