How to make Iced Coffee

How to make iced coffee?

To be sure we struck both light and dark edges associated with the coffee spectrum, we utilized two types of beans: Counter Culture's Big Trouble, a darker Guatemalan/Honduran combination referred to as “caramel, nutty, and round, ” and Madcap's Summer Solstice, which integrates two lighter Ethiopians resulting in a cup that's “fruity, creamy, tea-like, and energizing.”

Our brew techniques were the following: cool brew (aka “toddy”), hot bloom cool brew, flash brew (aka Japanese), refrigerating hot coffee, and simply placing ice in hot coffee.

For all of your hot brewing, we used a Chemex, which we choose because it's an easy pour-over strategy recognized for generating a balanced glass (and both Lorenzo and I are way too snobby to own a spill device). For our cold-brewed coffees, we batched all of them as focuses, but tasted them at both complete and diluted power to get the greatest effect of this flavors (rest schedules be damned!). Here's what we found.

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