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  • Vintage Italian-design stovetop moka espresso coffeemaker
  • Extracts much more caffeine and flavours versus filter coffee, resulting in a stronger, richer brew
  • Produced from light and sturdy aluminium, may be used on all gas and electric stove tops
  • The actual only real stovetop espresso machine available on the market which includes a burn guard in the hold to guard your fingers from pressing hot surfaces
  • Qualified Italian safety valve, prevents interior pressure from increasing to a dangerous point
  • For sale in three sizes: 3 cup / 5 fl. oz, 6 cup / 9.3 fl. oz and 9 glass / 15.2 fl. oz
  • Perfect for gas or electric stovetop usage. Induction stoves needs a long time to heat water inside it.

Make your own authentic stovetop espresso at home

The MILANO from GROSCHE is a vintage Italian stovetop espresso maker, also known as Moka cooking pot. It’s ideal for anybody who really loves the style of a stronger shot or double-shot of espresso. When compared with filter coffee makers, this brewing technique extracts more caffeine and flavours. Thus giving stovetop espresso a stronger and richer brew than a percolator. The MILANO stovetop espresso maker will make your espresso experience perfect every time.

The safest stovetop espresso maker in the marketplace

The MILANO Moka pot is made from meals safe aluminum a non-toxic silicon gasket seal. You can use it on all-gas and electric stovetops, it is however perhaps not suited to induction stovetops. The MILANO may be the only coffee percolator that features a burn guard from the hold to protect your fingers from coming in contact with hot areas. Furthermore, in addition it features a ‘Made in Italy’ licensed safety-valve that prevents interior force from increasing to a dangerous point.

What's Italian coffee?

Their passion for coffee is something that Italians are notable for. In Italy, typically the most popular way of brewing coffee is within a Italian stovetop espresso maker or Moka pot. While espresso that is bought in a cafe let me reveal usually manufactured in a high pressure device that works at around 15 pubs of pressure, stovetop espresso makers make use of low-pressure.

How to maintain your Moka cooking pot

They state the older these containers tend to be, the better they work. They can last forever with proper care. Always hand wash all of them, and do not put them within the dishwasher. In a dishwasher the aluminum will tarnish and turn black colored. Every 3-6 months roughly you should think about switching the silicone seal which within the containers plus the one which maintains stress when you look at the boiler section to make the fine surface coffee.

How to make a stovetop espresso

Take away the top component therefore the filter funnel of coffee maker and fill the low spend the cool fresh-water. Verify to not fill beyond the safety-valve. Next, fill the filter funnel with fresh coarse surface espresso coffee. Put the filter funnel back into the reduced the main MILANO and screw the top part straight back on. After that, place the MILANO on your own stove at a medium-high temperature. Change the kitchen stove down whenever coffee bubbles up from filter funnel and wait for upper part to fill. Finally, remove the MILANO from your own stovetop and serve. It is possible to take in the coffee as a solid, flavourful espresso or usage as a base for a cappuccino.

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