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It all started with a coffee cup. After Hurricane Katrina displaced several thousand people—sending some as far as Houston—designer Michael McDaniel began thinking about how-to design a better tragedy housing. His option, the Exo Housing program, had been influenced by a morning sit down elsewhere.

"I happened to be evaluating a sleeve of coffee glasses and thought, 'There it's, '" states McDaniel. The floor associated with refuge functions like the lid of a cup; other housing can snap quickly into location so that the entire thing are installed, manually, in only a couple of minutes. The cup-shaped shelters can also pile above each other to save room for transportation.

The design associated with refuge has also been empowered by the traditional teepee. "Teepees became a caricature in pop culture, but when you really consider it through a critical design lens, it's a fantastic construction. it is adaptable to various conditions, it’s very inexpensive, therefore had multiple uses—people slept with it, that they had meetings with it, they prepared with it. It’s style of this universal framework, " McDaniel says.

Each Exo could also be used in several techniques. One version of the ground has actually integrated plumbing system and liquid, therefore it can be used for your bathrooms or home. Another is intended as an area for resting. Multiple devices may be connected collectively, so specific people have a small collection, or organized in order that a small grouping of people can share public rooms.

Unlike a teepee, the Exo can certainly be securely locked because of the rigid design. "After Hurricane Katrina there were some murders and quite a few rapes in the Superdome, and there's volatility in existing disaster response camps, particularly in cases of municipal unrest or civil war, " McDaniel claims. "so it is important to possess safety and security within the unit."

The design is reusable, recyclable, and much more more effective to transport than standard relief shelters because it could be piled. It will likewise cost just a fraction of the typical FEMA shelter or resort coupon (during Katrina, some trailers cost over 0, 000; the Exo could cost as little as $5, 000).

After building the design in the spare time going back years, McDaniel—who regularly work as a designer at frog—shifted working full time on taking the Exo alive. Their brand new business, Reaction, is crowdfunding the initial prototypes of product on Indiegogo.

"Once we're done evaluating the prototypes, we are going to have the ability to send them to Syria, " McDaniel says. "Indiegogo is permitting united states to get units nowadays helping folks now, but we can in addition get feedback on the ground before moving down these exact things en masse. It’s essentially design analysis with an objective."

Complete production will start early the following year, as soon as the business intends to begin supplying the products to relief companies and nonprofits so that you can help some of the 30 million folks who are displaced by catastrophe annually.

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