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Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing programColin western McDonald/CNET

We specific high-end, solitary offer coffee makers in one of our first appliance round-ups, and now we were surprised at just how much diversity we found. We expected some variations in their particular features-different programming options, maybe a distinctive brewing mode or two-but what really stood aside for us was the differences in flavor between each unit, also utilizing the same kind of coffee.

Features and functionality are essential, too. For all coffee drinkers, all of that matters at 6:30 am is the fact that caffeinated drinks comes without headaches. If that's all you could care about, you don't need to spend more than $100 for a serviceable brewer. In this higher cost tier, between $150 and $199, we assume your convenience needs bring using them a love associated with bean. For the form of coffee drinker, the Bunn MyCafe MCU is the machine to conquer. There's more into tale though, specifically for Starbucks followers.

Colin western McDonald/CNET

The durable Bunn MyCafe MCU is our favorite brewer thus far, for its durable construction, retro design, and, most importantly since it makes the many flavorful cup of coffee. The brew-style inserts present a storage hassle, but they in addition supply you with the freedom to use K-Cups, fresh ground coffee, if not level filter packets. A "pulse" choice enables you to dial within the power of every cup. The Bunn MyCafe MCU may be the device we'd choose under $200.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

Mashing together Keurig's well-known K-Cup brewing procedure and Cuisinart's respected item design has paid when you look at the SS-700. We liked the K-Cup coffee from this machine better than from Keurig's own K75. Its metal lift club and generally more polished building also offered united states more self-confidence in its durability than Keurig's mostly plastic K-Cup flagship brewer, without genuine cost advanced.

Colin West McDonald / CNET

Keurig's top-end K-Cup coffee brewer, the K75 Platinum didn't result in the most useful effect. Yes, it's easy to utilize and convenient, nevertheless the coffee from this device in addition had minimal level of personality, aside from brand name or flavor. With less expensive solitary brewers on the market at a lower price, the taste-indifferent can't also truly argue the K75 as a quick caffeinated drinks distribution system. We like Keurig's new Vue brewer, but look somewhere else to offer the first K-Cups.


Keurig's brand-new Vue coffee pod design is here now to greatly help secure the company's fortunes now that some of its K-Cup patents have actually expired. For about the exact same price as these other, higher-end solitary cup brewers, the V700 makes use of the latest Vue pod to help make a surprisingly great sit down elsewhere, with similar convenience as the predecessor. Better yet, and unlike the K-Cup, the Vue pod makes use of recyclable plastic.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

You can buy Starbucks pods in K-Cup and Vue form, but not one of them tastes as faithful on in-store cup as that which you get from Starbucks' own Verismo 580 and its particular proprietary coffee pods. Starbucks is really so far maintaining the Verismo for it self. You may not find the normal variety of coffee off their brands. Its also wise to stay far-away from any beverage that will require Starbucks' powdered milk pod. For Starbucks loyalists however, the Verismo 580 is the best in the home alternative.

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