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As 2011 wraps up, we’re revealing helpful lists that will help you spend less, continue to be healthy, get organized, creatively repurpose, frugally gift-give, intentionally celebrate and much more within our “11 Things for 2011” series throughout these holiday months.

As I’ve been mastering that less is much more and working difficult to purge and pare along the things that we possess, I’ve been reminded associated with the beauty of having multi-purpose appliances. Today’s post is an element for the handy, cheap little gadget that individuals know as a coffee grinder.

But, oh. It’s a lot more than that.

I bought my own for $4 at a thrift shop, about 4 years back. It is utilized numerous times most months, therefore the majority of those uses aren’t for grinding coffee.

Something that I specifically love may be the ease of using a coffee-grinder for fast tasks and simple tidy up. It will be the perfect size to deal with little jobs with efficiency and simplicity, in accordance with a swish of a cloth, it is damaged and ready for the following time i would like it.

Listed below are 11 approaches to put your little coffee grinder to excellent use:

1. Coffee

I understand, it's painfully apparent, but it however had to be stated. The freshest, best-tasting pot of coffee, store your coffee beans in sealed bags or bins in the freezer, and work the beans in a small amount as required. To save time, i grind adequate for a number of times at the same time, after that shop it in a container in the freezer.

2. Spices

Herbs are the many flavorful and fragrant when newly ground. In the event that you don’t have a mortar and pestle, a coffee grinder appears in really as a spice grinder. I have tried personally it to make Indian spruce blends, grind cloves or cardamom pods, and peppercorns, among other things.

3. Loaves of bread crumbs

Many weeks ago, I offered 11 some ideas for making use of up your stale breads, and loaves of bread crumbs are certainly one of my personal favorite utilizes. I rarely pull my big meals processor out from the cabinet unless i've a lot of breads to go through.

In the event that you just tear your loaves of bread into tiny pieces, a coffee grinder are capable of it effortlessly therefore tends to make crumbs that are as huge or as fine as you would like them, dependent on the length of time you retain it on. Only don’t overload your small device and keep consitently the bread add up to approximately half of their keeping capacity.

4. Smaller amounts of flour

For many who also grind their particular grains, maybe you have required simply a cup or two of flour and thought it wasn’t worthwhile to pull-out your grain grinder? That has been the way I very first discovered that, in a pinch, i really could work lower amounts of flour with no hassle for the bigger appliance.

It’s also ideal for lesser-used grains. We have a pot pie dish that utilizes millet flour in crust, but I seldom make use of millet flour so I never grind it ahead of time maintain on hand. Whenever I get this recipe, my coffee grinder lets me work exactly the quantity that i would like, no fuss, no muss.

5. Dry natural herbs

As you can plainly see with my parsley above, the coffee grinder is a winner with this simple job. You are able to grind it much more carefully in the event that you want, and this works well with nearly any dried leafy natural herb.

6. Natural herbs for teas

It’s an easy task to create your own tea combinations using dried natural herbs you have actually bought in bulk, too dried plants, herbs, fruits, etc. with regards to the size of the ingredients, it could be useful to work several things somewhat smaller in order that every one of the yumminess is equally distributed in each pot or mug of beverage.

8. Chopped peanuts and seeds

For an instant sprinkle together with yogurt, a salad or any other spot where you enjoy chopped peanuts or seeds, the coffee grinder is effective. It may grind flax seeds (or any seed, really) into a nice, fine dinner.

If it is chopped peanuts you’re interested in, it works very well with gentler nuts like walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, peanuts. With smooth nuts, don’t grind for too much time or you’ll begin to get nut butter, which may never be just what you’re finding. For one thing slightly harder like almonds, it will grind all of them, not rather because consistently as you may like. If you want to switch your almonds into more of a flour, then I would suggest using a food processor or high-powdered blender as an alternative.

9. Garnishes

Want small bits of chocolate, coconut, orange or lemon peel, or other tiny delicious bits to utilize as garnish? The coffee-grinder can handle many.

Obviously, if you’re more of a perfectionist and need beautiful small shreds rather than small chunks, you might want to hand grate them instead. For the less-gourmet in our midst, the grinder does the work sufficiently.

11. Paper Confetti

Turn recycled white or coloured paper into an instant and festive confetti with some whirls within the coffee-grinder!

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