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Old whiskey barrels can be recycled and converted into amazing furniture for your home or business. Within tutorial I will walk you through the procedure of building a whiskey barrel coffee-table. I had a blast producing the dining table therefore was a pretty simple and fast build.

Venture Costs

Whiskey Barrel – Between $25 and $200 based on where you think it is.
Lumber – About $40
Screws – $12.00

Tools Required

For building table top
– A hand saw works but a makes the project go-quick!
– Used for producing the bottom (you can make use of this to slice the barrel in two if you don't pre-cut)
Rubber Mallet and Pry club – Used to pull material groups and flush up boards.
(may use to reduce barrel in half if you don't pre-cut.)
– Optional
– Optional

3 inch, 1 1/2 inches, and 1 inches timber screws
220 Grit Sandpaper
Stain ( I utilized “Special Walnut” from Minwax)
Polyurethane (Minwax) – To help protect the dining table top

Lumber Record
1×4 – QTY 1 Length: 10 legs (useful for table apron)
2×12 – QTY 1 Length: 6 feet (utilized for dining table base)
1×3 or 1×2 – QTY 1 Length: 6 foot (utilized for decorative base pieces)
1×8 – QTY 2 Length 8 feet (used for dining table top)

Finding a whiskey barrel

You've got a couple of different choices for sourcing a whiskey barrel. Initially, I’d recommend calling neighborhood whiskey distilleries or wine vineyards locally. 2nd, search Craigslist or placed a wanted advertising up that you will be finding a whiskey barrel or wine barrel in order to make furnishings away from. Ebay normally a great spot to always check, including Amazon. I’ve had buddies order this . it's the full barrel so you will have to cut-in 1 / 2. You’d manage to make two tables along with it. Eventually, farm and garden stores often will carrie drums or 1 / 2 barrels used as planters. Check-out stores like or you ask them to in your area.

I found a few barrels in your area in Montana from a super great man who was simply attempting to sell all of them on Craigslist. Personally I think like I got considerably because I paid $100 when it comes to complete barrel and $25 for pre-cut one half drums. If you get a full barrel you’ll want to cut it in half using a or .

Great for storage space!

My great friend Dustin and I made another table for his household. The only real difference usually we painted the steel groups an oil applied bronze color.

Oh yeah… In addition utilize this as a WHISKEY BARREL COOLER! Range it with synthetic and you’ll have ice-cold products for your next gathering!

If you're looking for other barrel jobs I’d recommend looking at my Wine Barrel Shelf Side Bar. Cheers!!

whiskey-barrel-furniture whiskey-barrel-furniture-ideas-diy-pete

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