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Cafe Mocha machine

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Method 1

Using an Espresso Machine
  1. Measure your chocolate and milk. You need about 3 tablespoons (22 g) of sweetened cocoa powder or 2 tablespoons of syrup in order to make an 8 ounce (236 ml) mocha. It is possible to either position the chocolate into the cup you'll be serving the mocha in or put it into a metal steaming pitcher with your milk.Image titled Make a Caffe Mocha action 2 Measure about 10 to 12 (295 to 355 ml) ounces of milk in to the pitcher if you're likely to make an 8 ounce (236 ml) mocha.
    • You may also place the chocolate into a tiny steel pitcher. This way, you are able to pull the espresso shot into the chocolate which can help it break down. This will be of good use if you'll be making an iced mocha and cannot steam the chocolate using the milk.
  2. Pull the espresso. To produce a double shot, place 15 grms of espresso reasons in a clear portafilter. Tamp it straight down so that it packs the lands uniformly. This will ensure that water passes through it evenly. Lock the group handle into the espresso machine and place a little material pitcher underneath. Start the espresso machine to pull the shot.Image titled Make a Caffe Mocha action 5 it will simply take about 20 to 25 moments the chance to pull-through.
    • You need to weigh out your espresso reasons. If you do not have enough grounds, your espresso will filter through prematurely and taste poor.
    • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the espresso machine. Adding too many grounds towards portafilter could harm the device.
  3. Vapor the milk. Turn on the steam wand on the espresso machine for a few seconds to clean it out before you decide to steam the milk. Insert the vapor wand to the steel pitcher of milk and switch on the vapor wand.Image titled Make a Caffe Mocha action 4 keep carefully the wand towards bottom associated with jug and just bring it close to the area regarding the milk several times to help make foam. Heat your milk between 140 and 160 degrees F (60 to 71 degrees Celsius). Cleanse the vapor wand with a wet cloth and turn it on for a couple seconds to clear any milk out of the pipe.
    • You can either put a thermometer into the milk as long as you're steaming or hold you hand privately associated with the pitcher as you steam. Once the pitcher becomes too hot to the touch, move your hand away and consistently steam the milk for a couple more seconds.
  4. Combine the espresso and milk. If you steamed the milk with chocolate into the pitcher, might simply require to...

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Coffee Mocha machine
Coffee Mocha machine

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