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How to make coffee with DeLonghi machine?

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I'm selecting purchasing the Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive but i'm having issues about the devices milk and coffee heat.has anybody in fact taken a temperature reading? How exactly does the PrimaDonna compare with other Superautomatics with its category?

I'm looking to purchase this device but desire to confirm the width of the device including the spill tray. Could it be certainly 16.5 ins very long? Or perhaps is it longer whenever you include the drip tray?

a buyer on

Optimum solution: We love the device tho it requires a little to setup. The length includes the drip tray.

how to warm the glasses?

Best solution: you can easily wear them the surface of the coffee machine although we don't frequently do that. We frequently just take our cups out of the dishwasher each morning for coffee. We have it programmed to make on prior to we get fully up. We love this coffee machine! We usually drink dual cappuccino each day.

Discover a heating dish at the top right surface for the machine. The cups would warm here. Otherwise, utilize tepid water when you look at the cups.

Hi! I've maybe not been able to get more certain all about the built-in grinder. Before buying, can you please verify if the grinder is certainly a CERAMIC grinder? Many thanks!

Optimum solution: The DeLonghi PrimaDonna offers metallic burrs within the grinder.

Thank-you, Teri. A great deal appreciated!

outlet requirement?

Optimum solution: a regular 120V wall surface plug will work just fine!

Is SCG's 1-year guarantee extension efficient AFTER the two-year DeLonghi guarantee, or does it operate simultaneously?

Optimum solution: The Seattle Coffee Gear extended Warranty begins following the maker's warranty has completed.

Can this device be directly plumbed into a water line?

Optimum solution: No, unfortuitously the DeLonghi PrimaDonna is not a plumbable device.

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