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How to use k Fee coffee machine?

Exactly why is there sometimes a wait within the dispensing of beverages?

If there is a delay whenever a drink is dispensed, your machine needs to heat up up once again which means your coffee reaches the specified heat. This occurs regularly whenever many coffees are brewed in series.

How comeno even more coffee leave my machine and even though we squeezed a variety option?

This may happen if water container was completely emptied the past time a drink had been dispensed. In this instance, the equipment received only a little atmosphere combined with liquid. This atmosphere must after that initially be flushed out again without a capsule. Kindly fill water container and just push any selection option once or twice in succession. It is necessary that you do not insert a capsule for the time being. After several dispensing cycles, your machine will draw-water once again. Now you can place and brew capsules as always once again.

Why do I have coffee reasons within my cup following the brewing pattern?

In exceptional instances, coffee reasons may getting away from the capsule into the cup. Should this happen to you, kindly proceed below:

  1. Start the lever and get rid of leaky capsule
  2. Close the lever minus the pill
  3. Press the flush button Should you experience this dilemma frequently, be sure to contact our customer support.

The capsule device drips

After every brewing pattern, some drops may develop from residual fluid in capsules. These may drip after the pattern. The drops are collected in reduced drip tray. To avoid dripping, dispose of the capsules immediately after usage.

The operating sound associated with device changes after placing water filter.

Whenever an innovative new filter is inserted, the device must initially be flushed through many times. For this, hit the flushing key over repeatedly to execute a few flushing rounds until clear water emerges from the spout. Kindly ensure that there is absolutely no pill inside device. Whenever inserting a brand new filter, it's possible for operating sound associated with the device to change throughout the very first flushing rounds. This can be regular and certainly will no longer happen during typical procedure.

Does fluid accumulate in the reduced drip tray?

The capsules container is associated with the low drip tray. Residual fluid from capsules collects here. Please empty this tray regularly.

Liquid often collects under my machine. Why?

We have regularly been expected this concern and also for that reason invested an extended period of time you are to your bottom with this event. We considered hydraulic, design-related, but additionally human being errors. We photographed the tests in our labs, which allowed us to ascertain that, in most regarding the flushing cycles, the lever had not been shut. However, the testers were solidly believing that they'd shut it. Directly after we drew the testers focus on this, thereby creating a comprehension for want to shut the lever, forget about puddles created.

We for that reason ask the annotated following: Kindly always make certain you nearby the lever with every dispensing period. That means not just once you brew a capsule, but in addition whenever you are just flushing.

Does the unit shut itself down?

These devices shuts off automatically when it is maybe not utilized within 5 minutes. Take note your unit uses power so long as it is attached to the mains (< 0.5 W).

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