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White chocolate & raspberry traybakeIt's a common proven fact that fundraising and nice things get hand in hand. So if you're considering raising some funds for a cause, why not do it while taking pleasure in a slice of the favourite lemon drizzle? Listed here is all the determination you need for a money-spinning, mouth-watering coffee morning...


John Whaite's chocolate chiffon dessertA traybake may be the easiest way to feed lots of hungry dessert lovers. They may be fuss free and flexible, you can use whatever flavours you would like, slicing into delicious squares for simple portioning. We love this traditional lemon drizzle piece with elegant feathered icing, but we additionally can't get an adequate amount of the indulgent grown-up flavour of our coconut chai traybake.


If you're seeking to strike friends away, opt for a showstopping party dessert that nobody could possibly resist. John Whaite's chocolate chiffon dessert with salted caramel butter ointment usually takes a bit more energy, however you will be the 'hostess with the mostest' certainly. If you wish to keep your shocks on the inside, you will want to decide to try our peek-a-boo Battenberg cake for a sensational reveal come dessert cutting.

Cookies and cookies

Cookies and biscuits always drop really, and whom could say no to squidgy caramel sandwiches? Our simple alfajores dish makes use of buttery shortbread-style biscuits and delicious dulce de leche.Strawberry & polenta cupcakes Or, try using a cookie classic with these United states chocolate amount & pecan treats.


These bite-sized bakes are simple to make and look good enough buying a whole tray! We're really partial to these strawberry & polenta cupcakes with pretty green icing. Take to these autumnal pumpkin enthusiasm cupcakes for a subtly spiced sponge.

Alfajores Lemon curd & blueberry loaf cake

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