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How to make Vanilla iced coffee?

My Perfect Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee | @ hbharvestSo we have a few things to chat about today.

First is most definitely this vanilla bean iced coffee that I am beyond excited to share with you guys, second is the matter that I was just informed that I could possibly be the ONLY person around when the goats have their kids, and third…wait there was only two things, but both are well, WHOA.

OK, so let’s start with the goats.

Like what? How can I be the only person around when all three are due to give birth? I mean, we don’t know for sure when the goats will give birth, but if calculations are correct, there’s a really good chance they will deliver somewhere around September 15th (also my birthday). It also just so happens to be the same weekend as the Portland wedding of a long time family friend (you’ve all heard me mention the Mooneys). Therefore, the entire family is of course going to attend… well except me, I will be knee-deep into my cookbook photo shoots…and apparently taking care of the goats.


YOU GUYS. What on Earth am I going to do with a bunch of baby goats all by myself? Oh my Gosh, freaking out a little bit here. Clearly I should start doing some research on birthing goats… but really my fingers are crossed that the births just do not happen during those three days. Knowing me though, it will totally go down that way.

My Perfect Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee | @ hbharvestAgain, YIKES.

Alright, so freak out session over.

Let’s talk about my perfect vanilla bean iced coffee!!

As a lot of you guys may know, I really only started drinking coffee this year, and the only way I can drink it, is if it’s steaming HOT and black. I don’t like cream or sugar. Or well, I’m sure I probably would, but since I don’t want to have my dessert in the morning (I save that for later in the day), I go with black. With iced coffee though, it’s a little different. I love a cold, creamy coffee, heavy on the vanilla, lighter on the sweetness, but still just sweet enough. Simple, but like GOOD!

Enter this iced coffee. Personally, I’m all about this in the afternoon. I am not big on cold drinks in the morning, maybe this is because I don’t live in a super hot place, I just prefer something warm in morning. But something cold in the afternoon totally works for me. Also, it’s kind of a sweet treat and the perfect four o’clock pick me up!

My Perfect Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee | @ hbharvestHere’s the deal, when it comes to an everyday drink like iced coffee, I think it should be simple.

So I make a cold brewed coffee with fresh coffee beans and coconut water. I like the coconut water for the slight kick of flavor, but when that’s not around, I just use regular water. So I brew that overnight. I also make a quick vanilla infused coconut milk the day before as well. I like using coconut milk, but I also LOVE to use goat milk. However, since the goats are preggers right now though, our goat milk production in non-existent. So coconut milk it is! Of course you can use cow milk or any other nut flavored milk as well. It’s the vanilla beans that are super important here, as they give the coffee that perfect vanilla flavor.

Another thing I like to do is make coffee ice cubes. I cannot drink watered down coffee, it has to be kind of strong, so the coffee ice cubes are kind of a must for me. When I have a few extra minutes, or am feeling a little fancy, I’ll quickly freeze some chocolate coffee cubes. YUM.

Once I have those three components, it’s time to make a KILLER iced coffee…

…chocolate coffee cubes

cold brew coffee

…honey sweetened vanilla coconut milk

Three parts… one awesome iced coffee.

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