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Italian Espresso Stove Top

alessi-stovetop-espresso-makerwithin analysis you will see the reason why I level the Alessi 9090 and Vev Vigano Kontessa because the top Italian stovetop stainless-steel espresso makers.

Please be aware: personally possess the Alessi 9090 and like it as you’ll see into the movie below. I really hope you will definitely also!

When I was in Italy, I learned about making espresso on a kitchen stove. I experienced never ever heard of a stovetop espresso machine before and just what a shame actually.

These are generally extremely popular throughout European countries and generally are now catching on much more when you look at the U.S. These espresso makers have been around for quite some time – really numerous years.

Although I currently have and brag towards Alessi 9090 Stovetop Espresso Maker i'm in addition like the Vev Vigano Kontessa as another Italian option really worth mentioning.

alessi-stovetop-espresso-makerwithin analysis, you will learn:

  • If they are manufactured in Italy
  • How to use the Alessi 9090 (video)
  • What they are made from and just how sturdy they are
  • What dimensions they show up in
  • If they're dishwasher safe
  • Key elements to bear in mind
  • A video clip showing how to use the 9090
  • Where you could buy them

italian-flagAre they manufactured in Italy?

Yes! The Alessi 9090’s are built in Crusinallo, Italy by a which has been around since the 1920’s. For many acquainted Italian designs – you almost certainly have heard of these.

Their focus is design high-quality products that may be used decoratively in the kitchen area. The Alessi 9090 is a great example. Made out of 100% mirror refined stainless throughout – it is definitely spectacular.

Alessi is considered one of the most crucial “Factories of Italian Design”. Their particular reputation goes beyond espresso manufacturers and reaches into other services and products offering themselves a reputation for top quality and sophisticated things.

vev-viganoI became impressed to master they employ over 500 employees, and make use of top designers from about society to craft high quality products that tend to be trendy, great looking and completely functional as well. That is their trademark.

Vev Vigano can be an Italian organization positioned in . The organization has been in existence for a long time consequently they are most known for their particular Kontessa stovetop espresso makers and Pento-Nett saucepans.

Vev Vigano like Alessi, leaves a high focus on quality – thus the stainless building and attention to aesthetics.

They also make use of designers to put on their imagination into the styles of these espresso manufacturers alongside products for us to take pleasure from. You can aquire the 9090 .

Here’s an instant Video for How to Use the Alessi 9090

Design and beauty

Both the Alessi and Kontessa tend to be elegant in design due to their stainless steel construction and ornamental handles. Similar to a tea pot, they are meant to be attractive for serving as well as for decorative purposes.

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