Easy to make Mixed Berry and

How to make Peanut butter coffee?

PB Coffee 1Let’s be reasonable relating to this.

  • Premise 1: Peanut butter tastes good with chocolate.
  • Premise 2: Chocolate tastes good with coffee.
  • Conclusion: Peanut butter tastes great with coffee.

We put my reasoning towards the test this early morning. This is actually the dish: 1 cup of coffee, 1 pack of sweetener (no sugar, thanks, I’m on an eating plan), and 1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter. Information peanut butter into cup, add ointment and sweetener, then slowly stir in boiling hot coffee. Warning: using chunky peanut butter may bring about damage.

Exactly how did it taste? This may seem surprising, but it had been really great. The PB offered the coffee a moderate nutty flavor, and also managed to make it a little creamier, apparently because of the “butter” component.

PB Coffee 2I’m surprised this isn’t more common. There clearly was hazelnut coffee (mmmmm) and almond coffee (mmmmm), therefore what’s therefore gross about peanut coffee? Nothing. Mmmmm! And butter? There’s already butter caramel coffee at Tim Horton’s. I’m only placing all this work deliciousness together the advantage of mankind. You’ll see; Starbucks might find this web site and copy my idea, and very quickly there will be peanut butter coffee wherever you can find pretentious men and women prepared to spend an excessive amount of because of it.

One disclaimer, however. When you are getting towards base for the mug, discover a dense sludge of PB that didn’t want to break down. It feels like consuming hot snot. So, uh, there can be several bugs to sort out. But hey, the first 90% associated with the glass? Fabulous! Try it!

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