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How to make reclaimed wood coffee table?

Within video clip, Ask This Old home basic specialist Tom Silva and number Kevin O'Connor create a popular type of coffee table away from reclaimed oak wood.

1. Cut all of the boards to desired length using a miter saw.
2. Utilize a track saw to true up the sides regarding the 2x10 pieces, then rip the width on a table saw.
3. Making use of wood glue, glue three of this 2x10 pieces to make the tabletop.
4. Clamp the pieces together and wait an hour or so for the glue to set up.
5. Following the glue features treated, remove the tabletop assembly through the clamps, and square within the sides associated with the tabletop making use of a track saw.
6. To measure for the duration of the apron, spot two leg pieces collectively in the edge of the tabletop. Construct the long apron piece and level in which the extra comes over the side of the tabletop.
7. Perform equivalent action for other three sides and cut marked apron pieces with a miter saw.
8. Make use of a pocket screw jig to drill slots on both sides of all four pieces of the apron.
9. Take two items of scrap timber through the tabletop and make use of all of them as a measure block to set the height for the apron on the feet.
10. Utilize a clamp to secure every thing and then connect the legs towards apron pieces making use of pocket screws.
11. Resume with this particular same process for the additional legs and apron pieces.
12. Position the set up of apron and feet on underside of this tabletop. Trace the edges associated with the feet and cut fully out those corners making use of a jigsaw.
13. Soft on the edges of this tabletop utilizing a router with a roundover bit.
14. Making use of a spade little bit, drill into the apron pieces about 50 % an inch deep and connect one side of the dining table top fasteners. This is accomplished to allow the timber to enhance and contract after the tabletop is connected.
15. Flip the leg/apron construction over the facedown tabletop. You may have to pound the tabletop in to the set up using a hammer.
16. Attach the tabletop on leg/apron construction by inserting screws to the fasteners previously put in when you look at the apron.

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