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Traditional Irish Coffee

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Warm your bones while enjoying some sweetened hot coffee with a splash of Irish whiskey topped with cream.

Irish Coffee (Caife Gaelach) is a beverage composed of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with dense cream. Exactly what a terrific way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a mug of hot and creamy classic Irish Coffee. Surely after two cups your nature are lifted and you will be moving a merry jig!

The most popular tale:

1942 – As tale goes, a flight filled with American people had been remembered to Foynes Airbase after struggling against heavy storms for several hours. The trip landed properly during the airbase, as well as the passengers disembarked. Though grateful is live, these people were cold and unhappy into the freezing night environment.

Joseph Sheridan (1909-1962), the cook in the airbase terminal restaurant caught sight of this chilly individuals. He made a decision to whip up a concoction that could warm up their health also their particular spirits. Sheridan brewed up some hot coffee-and included a splash of good Irish whiskey towards the blend. The people enjoyed the hot coffee’s special taste. One passenger also requested Sheridan if they were drinking Brazilian coffee. Cook Sheridan notoriously replied, “No, that is Irish coffee.”

By 1945, the era of this Flying Boat was arriving at an end and Foynes closed-in order to produce method for land planes. A new airport ended up being established on the other hand for the Shannon Estuary – Shannon Airport Terminal. Joe Sheridan, now involved in Shannon, took their popular drink to your new airport and worked there until 1952. As a tribute to Joe Sheridan, a plaque honoring their success is visible outside the Joe Sheridan Cafe Bar in Shannon airport terminal – now the latest gateway toward south-west of Ireland.

November 10, 1952, Stanton Delaplane (1907-1988), a vacation journalist for san francisco bay area Chronicle, persuaded San Francisco’s Buena Vista Bar to start offering the coffee drink. He, alongside George Freeberg, the owner of the Buena Vista club to recreate making making Irish Coffee he had tasted at Joe Sheridan’s Cafe Bar – although beverage would not workout quite right for them while they had a problem with the cream. Based on the Tavern’s legend, Stanton Deaplane, after sampling a large number of failed experiments, nearly passed out on the cable-car tracks.

In 1952, the Buena Vista Cafe offered Joe Sheridan a position in the restaurant and then he emigrated toward united states of america. There's a memorial plaque at his graveside in Oakland, California, inscribed aided by the terms “Here lies Joe Sheridan, the inventor of world’s most well-known drink: Irish coffee.”

Today, the original Irish Coffee beverage can certainly still be enjoyed within Shannon Airport in Joe Sheridan Cafe Bar where a plaque establishing his accomplishment was in fact erected.

The Foynes Flying Boat Museum keeps a yearly Irish Coffee Festival in June including society Irish Coffee Championship in County Limerick. The occasion includes participants from world’s best motels, restaurants and bars.

Another claim:

1945 – It is also stated the original Irish Coffee had been designed by Joe Jackson on Ulster Hotel, that he purchased in 1945, situated in Ballybofey, County Donegal. One of several specialties of your home ended up being, and still is, is their Irish Coffee, that was made of strong black colored coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey, then a layer of lotion ahead.

Joe, who had been initially from Derry, was at the vendor Navy during WWII. One-night, inside north Atlantic, his ship had been torpedoed by an enemy sub. To simply help him get over hypothermia, Joe was presented with a conventional Navy cure, a combination of coffee-and rum. Later, as he served on boats inside east Mediterranean, he tasted several drinks produced from ointment, sugar and various kinds of spirits.

In the early 1950s, a Scottish motoring mag posted an account of Joe Jackson’s Irish Coffee. The Jacksons preserve your magazine described Joe’s drink a complete 12 months before the other Joe, Joe Sheridan, performed their. A framed copy of article always hang in Jackson’s resort lobby for quite some time until it disappeared during renovations.

Genuine Irish Coffee Recipe – Joe Sheridan’s Recipe:

The very next time you've gotten chilly friends, follow Joe Sheridan’s instance. Warm their spirits with a spirited beverage that's been a favorite since 1942: Irish coffee.


Hot tsp
1 measure or chance (2 ounces) Irish whiskey
2 teaspoons brown sugar
5 to 6 ounces freshly-brewed strong black colored coffee
2 teaspoons hefty or whipping ointment, gently whipped*

* The cream should really be "half whipped - maybe not also stiff and not too fluid)


Spot a tsp in a dish with hot water to heat up; let sit in the hot water until prepared make use of.

Preheat a stemmed whiskey goblet (7-ounce coffee cup or goblet can be substituted) with boiling water so that it is good and hot. Pour from heated water and discard.

Add the brown sugar when you look at the bottom of goblet. Fill with powerful black coffee to within 1 inches regarding the top; blend gently until sugar is dissolved.

Include the Irish Whiskey; blend once again and allow sit through to the blend remains.

Making use of the hot tsp, put the spoon (back part up) into the goblet. Gently pour the ready whipped cream on the straight back associated with the teaspoon (held just above the coffee’s area).

Slowly raise the spoon while you slowly pour in ointment. This can end in a layer of liquid cream that floats together with the coffee. Never stir the lotion into the coffee.

Drinking the coffee through level of ointment results in the rich, genuine taste your coffee’s drinkers originally liked. Don't blend. Irish coffee is the best enjoyed by drinking the coffee through ointment.

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