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Can you brew coffee like tea?

Both feedback above supplied good information and confirmation.

Brewing Guidelines

I prefer a reusable coffee filter with that specific mesh, therefore it'd certainly work (for best results, don't work your beans also good). I'd most likely begin with the usual french hit brewing time, and adjust predicated on taste. Folks do not think of "steeping" coffee, but, just like beverage, your aim is to obtain out the many flavour, without crossing that range in which the brew starts to get bitter. – Satanicpuppy Nov 27 at 14:00

Approach Used by Other Individuals

In the event that you search the Amazon reviews for coffee, you will discover plenty of folks... – derobert Nov 28 at 0:26

I did this before posting the question, but I was shopping for many definitive/authoritative results.

My Conclusions

This method does certainly work but i discovered it never as flavorful as other techniques (specifically, french hit that will be my usual strategy). I utilized four mins of brewing time as I do using the french hit.

One odd issue i did so encounter was that aroma was not since pleasant want it could be for any other practices. Unsure just what would trigger this to happen. Anyhow, this seems to be another approach to brewing coffee. Although, if other options can be obtained, I wouldn't bother with the tea basket.

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