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Coffee brew cup

In addition to brewing perfect coffee, you may make use of the Brewing System to heat up water for beverage or any other hot beverages.

The detachable cup kettle is made of durable, BPA-free borosolicate cup, which supplies thermal surprise defense and a pure, clean flavor. The Brewing System is made to boil liquid in the kettle before brewing coffee, and its particular smart scale measures the actual amount of liquid required per sit down elsewhere; this implies you could add extra water on kettle to own boiling-water left after your coffee brews for beverage, hot chocolate, oatmeal and more.

You are able to make use of the program to boil around 12 glasses of warm water without brewing any coffee. Since water heat can be as necessary for beverage as it is for coffee, but various kinds of tea call for various conditions, we designed the Brewing System to allow you set your preferred temperature for beverage. You are able to pick from conditions between 175ºF to 212ºF, and that means you have actually liquid that is ideal for green tea extract, black colored tea and every thing between.

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