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What is brew coffee?

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The Start of Anything Great

Colombia is a really beautiful nation. It is and always is one of our favorite beginnings for coffee. We love the folks, town, the foodstuff, therefore the amazing coffee businesses striving to make an improvement here. We (Cassidy, cyberspace man) have your own prejudice and connection with Colombia since my father is a first generation immigrant from Colombia. That being said there are several amazing modifications going on in Colombia the globe should be aware about.

The nation overall has grown a great deal over the past three decades. They've gone in one of the most dangerous places on earth to someplace that has become a safe tourist location for people all over the world in the future and find out. Town shows gratitude to its visitors like hardly any other. The tourists tend to be treated like family members, the environmental surroundings is respected enjoy it is sacred, as well as the households possess some associated with strongest connections We have ever seen.

Among nations most recent endeavors is the main focus on specialty coffee. They've been focused on not just the coffee, although farmers besides. For generations organizations took benefit of having less accessibility these farmers must buyers and pay them whatever they consider “enough”. Before farmers had no motivation to make high quality coffee; all they understood was amount. Now that locations like La Palma y El Tucan exist (and a phenomenal business that deserves a shout out given that they initially introduced us to Colombia for the first time, Royal Coffee Importers) these farmers have the opportunity to be addressed fairly and get the price they deserve for providing the globe with-it’s 2nd vital commodity (Let’s be truthful most of us choose coffee to oil so let’s just call it our important product).

Sufficient about my personal feelings about Colombia, let me make it clear just a little relating to this amazing company and the modifications that they are taking to Colombia and also the realm of coffee. They are an inspiration and setting amazing criteria for years to come.


There is a lot that switches into niche coffee that's much more crucial than finding the best glass in the world. It's also about fair and direct trade. Its about providing equal chance to all farmers, if they produce 100 weight of coffee or 1, 000, 000 pounds of coffee. Los angeles Palma y El Tucan has had this idea one-step more.

Let’s start with knowledge. They give you farmers aided by the knowledge and expertise to give a top quality coffee for our previously establishing and growing need of coffee. They employ agronomists to greatly help the farmers find out about soil and all plants as a whole. The farmers are in possession of the capacity and understanding to pass along for their young ones to forever keep creating high-quality specialty coffee. In addition they provide a few of the most technologically advanced processing facilities for coffee on earth. They use boffins in all fields to help them to generate excellent glasses of coffee. Plenty can make a mistake in processing coffee. Providing this service to farmers gives them the possibility for a larger yield of coffee including a much higher chance to be successful and produce a quality bean. Not merely do they give you training and amazing facilities to those farmers, nevertheless they also connect all of them to international buyers. Their particular whole facility was created as a haven for people seeking to find out about coffee and to find amazing coffees.

“We can’t assist ourselves. We imagine a significantly better world, with much better coffee and much better techniques. As well as for providing “better” is out there, we made this our calling.” – The Founders of La Palma Y El Tucan.


The average grower within their network has ended 60 yrs . old. Coffee’s sluggish maturation and marketplace volatility discourages younger generations from keeping legacy facilities, quite often searching for new possibility in towns and cities like Bogota (with little success). If future generations will carry on their history, it offers to help make financial good sense. Listed below are a number of the things that La Palma offer for their producing partners:

  • They pay over 50% over the country´s cost average
  • They guarantee above-fair-trade price minimal
  • They train neighborhood cherry pickers in top-notch coffee harvesting methods
  • They supply transportation of their coffee
  • They donate coffee trees lifted inside their nursery
  • They provide straight back natural fertilizers made at their particular farm from their coffee cherry pulp

Environment and Name

“Sustainability is a well known buzzword in coffee, therefore the business as a whole continues to set an example of better, more aware practices through the offer string. We realize that sustainability has to be a pillar in most we do, but this will nevertheless be an elusive idea for many, frequently driven by feelings a lot more than facts. Society is much better with coffee inside.” – The Creators of La Palma Y El Tucan.

Well we don’t think everyone can disagree using this declaration. We can’t sum-up their particular views a lot better than that so here is a tad bit more of what they're performing as far as durability goes:

“Financial and technical support are vital to sustaining our coffee-growing people, but nonetheless you simply cannot consume money or even coffee! To further target lapses in durability, we’ve demarcated 6700m2 for the Agroforestry task. To put it simply, agroforestry is an intentional integration of agriculture using the surrounding natural environment. In this instance, we're growing coffee close to many plants (such beans, corn, and bananas) amongst perennial types like cedar, avocado, walnut, and guayacan.

This is all done naturally, to advance reduce the significance of inputs. With this specific design, we hope to be able to share with our neighbors a way to much better assistance by themselves and their families financially and nutritionally, while leaving the land enriched and viable for generations ahead.

When we initially put foot on what would come to be our land for growing niche coffee, we welcomed a biologist to scour the landscapes also to assist united states determine indigenous nature. Through the see, we discovered that we'd two unusual species cohabiting the farm: the Emerald Toucan and endangered Wax Palm. The fresh fruit of Wax Palm is an important way to obtain food when it comes to Emerald Toucan, and thusly the Toucan develops the Palm’s seeds. The two are meant to be. But both species tend to be challenged by habitat loss, which unfortunately is often driven by coffee plantations.

We'd instead become a part of the clear answer compared to the issue. We’re beginning with two initiatives:

  • Developing Wax Palm nurseries and donating woods to your neighborhood, you start with coffee growers being part of our relationship system
  • Reforestation with indigenous trees in strategic areas to give important local habitat for wildlife, especially the toucan.

We strongly genuinely believe that some things are supposed to be, and can do our best to help keep it by doing this.” – The creators, Los Angeles Palma y El Tucan


“At Los Angeles Palma y El Tucan, we are very fascinated. Our interest drives us to challenge the condition quo in every we do. And when the status quo is no longer good enough, interesting options emerge.” – Los Angeles Palma y El Tucan.

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