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Used Bunn coffee Maker

I've drank coffee for probably over 35 many years as soon as I was younger, Bunn was considered high quality and the most readily useful. I'm sorry to say that We today realize that it's not true. I bought a Bunn coffeemaker this past year that made coffee in 90 seconds for a little over $ 100. I did not brain because I believed I was purchasing a quality item. The unit worked well not in the carafe that can not put without overflowing the edges because poor manufacturing, but, no problem. After only 8 months, the unit quit working. It shorted out and would no longer make coffee.

For the time being, I pulled aside my $20 Mr. Coffee that's probably twelve or thirteen yrs old now and used it until i discovered another Bunn coffee maker. I thought possibly the only We purchased had been just an individual issue whilst still being trusted title. We bought the latest one and it had been $120 with a new sleek design. We have had it for 6 months. It makes coffee well additionally the carafe overflows the lips associated with the cooking pot just as the final one. The CLE light arrived on so I adopted the steps to completely clean the pot and reset the clean light and it will not stop. Now, when you make a pot it turns the burner-off and I also need to get back and switch it in.

Not only is this an issue, nevertheless hot dish is peling away the black down to the steel. Im a very nice and clean person and there's no reason at all for this outside cheap and low quality. I am going to never purchase another Bunn and I also will tell anybody searching not to ever buy a Bunn. I'll maybe not send it back and have the trouble. If there is any pride for company that once ended up being which driving the sales, you'll send me personally a brand new one. I am sure you would, as a company, inconvenience a customer to get the coffeemaker and get a box and go out of their way further to ship it to you while they wait for the same coffee maker to come. I drove towards the shop to my time and used my car and my gas and elected your product. I have currently invested way more than you have and won't spend any longer. By the way, the Mr. Coffee - STILL DOING WORK.

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