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Amount of coffee for French Press

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Warm-up the hit

Warm up your empty French Press by rinsing it with scorching liquid. It will help take care of the temperature while brewing for most readily useful removal.


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Measure and routine

Measure out 56g (about 8 Tablespoons) of coffee and grind it since coarse as breadcrumbs.

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Include water

Now that your French Press is started, discard the heated water and include coffee into the bare hit. Start your count-up timekeeper once you add warm water. Fill it halfway to the top saturating all of the grounds, ensuring there are no dry places.

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At 1:00, utilize a wooden spoon or spatula to split the utmost effective layer we call the crust. Anyone would like to utilize wood rather than metal so you don’t accidentally break the glass. Give it good stir.

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Add more water

Today, fill it-all the best way to the most truly effective with water. Put the top on and allow the coffee to make without pressing it down.

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At 4:00, you're ready to push. Solidly push the hit entirely down.

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Offer and luxuriate in

Offer it. Pour coffee into a carafe immediately in order to avoid over extraction. If coffee sits in the reasons too-long, it continues to draw out and can come to be bitter. To clean the French Press, we think it is easiest to add just a little water to your reasons, provide an excellent swirl, and empty to the trash or compost bin.

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