How to choose the best coffee

Best coffee for French Press

Freshly Brewed French Press Coffeeonce I was asked what's the best coffee for French hit, or perhaps the most useful beans for handbook drip, I usually hesitate. Recommending a coffee to someone could be an extremely struggle. It is because every person has various tastes and choices. A type of coffee i love, might be completely wrong for you. Stick to me personally, and I’ll show you how to locate aside what’s best for you.

Directly, i love medium roast, African, solitary source coffees, such coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya or Rwanda that have a fruity and brilliant human body. It is very different to the majority of coffee drinkers. South American coffees, as an example, are a lot a lot more popular than African coffees. One of my favorite single origins is the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, check .

About this page we picked coffees that will work best in a French press and therefore would fit the palate of a coffee drinker that is partial to press pot coffee. Could keep in mind that we picked richer coffees, typical of South America and deeper roasts generally; all characteristics remarkably popular among us coffee lover. I usually try to find coffee this is certainly of solitary beginning which is small group roasted. This formula is ideal for benefiting from of the finest beans for French hit. Associated with that single beginnings may have their particular distinctive character, and that will be located within the final glass. Once again this can be what i favor and it is perhaps not a rule of flash.

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