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Coffee brew temperature Keurig

  • Keurig® Classic Series brewers tend to be our original K-Cup® pod brewers. They make single glass brewing quickly, convenient, and simple. Brew your chosen drinks, in 6, 8, and 10 oz. sizes, making use of K-Cup® pods.

The Keurig® Classic Series includes the Keurig® K15, a personal, compact brewer and Keurig® K55, our classic solitary cup brewer. Functionally, they're much like our initial K10 MINI Plus brewer and K45 Elite brewers.

Keurig® Vintage Series brewers may appropriate for the My K-Cup® Reusable Coffee Filter, which gives extra mobility by providing the possibility to make your own personal floor coffee.

Keep in mind that Keurig® Timeless Series brewers aren't compatible with K-Mug® or K-Carafe® pods, nor using the Keurig® Carafe.

Keurig® Carafes are specifically made to brew K-Carafe® pods in Keurig® 2.0 and Plus Series brewers just. They're not compatible with any brewer designs.

Keurig® house brewers make use of the many power throughout their preliminary startup. When home heating the very first time after being down, top use is 1, 500 watts. If energy is maintained, the brewer could keep the internal tank up to temperature using between 200 – 400 watts when heating. While idle rather than maintaining heat, the brewer uses the common electrical energy of a 60 watt lamp.

  • Keurig feels the optimal temperature for brewing coffee, tea and hot cocoa is 192° F. This is the internal temperature regarding the water in your brewer. However, as soon as your coffee, beverage or hot cocoa is brewed, the dispensed heat can vary considerably. In-cup temperature depends upon the cup temperature and material. When brewing into an insulated container, like a foam or paper cup, 180-185°F in-cup heat is usually obtained. Besides, dispensing into a cold porcelain cup will sweet the coffee notably. Please note that stream temperature of this very first brew after turn-on or after an extended idle duration can be a couple of degrees cooler.

To increase preliminary in-cup temperature in the home, we recommend working a little glass cleansing-brew before brewing a K-Cup® pod, which warms the cup and also the brewer.

Heat may not be adjusted regarding K15 and K50/K55 designs, part of the Keurig® Classic Series system. Of these brewers, the default K-Cup® brew heat is 192°F.

Keurig highly recommends that our home brewers be utilized in the home and our commercial brewers be put in commercial/office settings. For this reason , our residence brewers are UL Listed for domestic use only and our commercial brewers tend to be UL Listed for Commercial just use. If you wish to buy a brewer for your home see our residence brewer’s web page. If you would like to shop for a brewer for a small to medium office please contemplate our small-medium workplace brewers which can be purchased directly at

  • The Keurig® liquid Filter Starter Kit accessory the Classic Series is compatible with this original K-Cup® pod brewers, including the Keurig® K40/K45 Elite brewers, K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature brewers, and K70/K75 Platinum brewers. Additionally, it is appropriate for the Keurig® Vintage Series K50/K55 brewers.

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