Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

Secret Squirrel cold brew coffee


  • Naturally sweet
  • Smooth
  • Clean/no sedmient
  • Is available in numerous sizes
  • Organic coffee


  • Only available as a 3-pack on line

A unique cool brew coffee alternative sprung up inside my local supermarket this week, so as typical, we understood I'd to try it. And son was I pleased that we picked this up.

About Secret Squirrel

Key Squirrel is family-owned and situated in LA. They began offering their particular cool brew coffee at a local farmers marketplace and today offer it in niche supermarkets around the world.

The coffee they use is organic. It's brewed over an 18-24 hour period (i am uncertain the reason why it is a range?) and two fold filtered.

At the time of writing, they provide 4 different cool brews which can be beautifully quick when it comes to their a number of ingredients. I can not wait to use them after providing the right cool brew a taste.

The 12 oz. Cold Brew

I liked it.

Extremely smooth and nice. No sediment. Zero astringency. There was really nothing to dislike relating to this cold brew.

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